[openstack-dev] [Neutron] Representing PEM Format file as string

Rajesh_Mohan3 at Dell.com Rajesh_Mohan3 at Dell.com
Sun Jan 26 22:36:25 UTC 2014

I am working on SSL VPN BP.

CA certificate is one of the resources. We decided to use PEM formatted certificates. It is multi-line string 

 21 0vO728pEcn6QtOpU7ZjEv8JLKRHwyq8kwd8gKMflWZRng4R2dj3cdd24oYJxn5HW
 22 atXnq+N9H9dFgMfw5NNefwJrZ3zAE6mu0bAIoXVsKT2S
 23 -----END CERTIFICATE-----

Is there a standard way to represent this as single line string? Maybe there is some other project that passes certificates on command line/url. 

I am looking for some accepted way to represent PEM formatted file on command line. 

I am thinking of concatenating all lines into single string and rebuilding the file when configuration file is generated.Will we hit any CLI size limitations if we pass long strings.

-Rajesh Mohan

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