[openstack-dev] Hyper-V Nova CI Infrastructure

Peter Pouliot ppouliot at microsoft.com
Fri Jan 24 21:41:59 UTC 2014

Hello OpenStack Community,

I am excited at this opportunity to make the community aware that the Hyper-V CI infrastructure
is now up and running.  Let’s first start with some housekeeping details.  Our Tempest logs are
publically available here: You will see them show up in any
Nova Gerrit commit from this moment on.

Additionally if anyone is interested, all of the infrastructure and automation
work can be found in the following locations:


Furthermore I would like to take a moment thank the team that made this moment possible.

This is our first step, and as such was an incredible learning process for everyone involved.
We were able to accomplish something that most thought couldn’t be done.
I would personally like to take some time thank those individuals whose tireless effort helped get us to this stage.

Alessandro Pilotti <apilotti at cloudbasesolutions.com>
Hashir Abdi <habdi at microsoft.com>
Octavian Ciuhandu <ociuhandu at cloudbasesolutions.com>
Nick Meier <Nick.Meier at microsoft.com>
Gabriel Samfira <gsamfira at cloudbasesolutions.com>
Tim Rogers <tirogers at microsoft.com>
Claudiu Neșa <cnesa at cloudbasesolutions.com>
Vijay Tripathy <vijayt at microsoft.com<mailto:vijayt at microsoft.com>>

Thank you for the time and effort you put forth to get us to this milestone. Without each
of you this would not have been possible. I look forward to continuing the progress and evolving
the infrastructure to the next level.  Our job is not done, but we are now on the right path.

Thank you all.

I would also at this time like to thank the OpenStack community for your patience and guidance
through this process.   There are too many of you who helped, instructed or guided us along the
way to list here.  I hope we can rely on your continued support going forward as we progress
through this journey including CI testing for all the OpenStack projects where Microsoft
technologies are involved.

Peter J. Pouliot CISSP
Sr. SDET OpenStack
New England Research & Development Center
1 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02142
P: 1.(857).4536436
E: ppouliot at microsoft.com<mailto:ppouliot at microsoft.com>
IRC: primeministerp
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