[openstack-dev] [Reminder] - Gate Blocking Bug Day on Monday Jan 27th

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Fri Jan 24 20:29:34 UTC 2014

Correction, Monday Jan 27th.

My calendar widget was apparently still on May for summit planning...

On 01/24/2014 07:40 AM, Sean Dague wrote:
> It may feel like it's been gate bug day all the days, but we would
> really like to get people together for gate bug day on Monday, and get
> as many people, including as many PTLs as possible, to dive into issues
> that we are hitting in the gate.
> We have 2 goals for the day.
> ** Fingerprint all the bugs **
> As of this second, we have fingerprints matching 73% of gate failures,
> that tends to decay over time, as new issues are introduced, and old
> ones are fixed. We have a hit list of issues here -
> http://status.openstack.org/elastic-recheck/data/uncategorized.html
> Ideally we want to get and keep the categorization rate up past 90%.
> Basically the process is dive into a failed job, look at how it failed,
> register a bug (or find an existing bug that was registered), and build
> and submit a finger print.
> ** Tackle the Fingerprinted Bugs **
> The fingerprinted bugs - http://status.openstack.org/elastic-recheck/
> are now sorted by the # of hits we've gotten in the last 24hrs across
> all queues, so that we know how much immediate pain this is causing us.
> We'll do this on the #openstack-gate IRC channel, which I just created.
> We'll be helping people through what's required to build fingerprints,
> trying to get lots of eyes on the existing bugs, and see how many of
> these remaining races we can drive out.
> Looking forward to Monday!
> 	-Sean
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