[openstack-dev] [Neutron]Contributing code to Neutron (ML2)

trinath.somanchi at freescale.com trinath.somanchi at freescale.com
Fri Jan 24 12:42:59 UTC 2014

Hi Andreas -

Thanks you for the reply.. It helped me understand the ground work required.

But then, I'm writing a new Mechanism driver (FSL SDN Mechanism driver) for ML2.

For submitting new file sets, can I go with GIT or require Jenkins for the adding the new code for review.

Kindly help me in this regard.

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On 01/24/2014 12:10 PM, trinath.somanchi at freescale.com wrote:
> Hi-
> Need support for ways to contribute code to Neutron regarding the ML2 
> Mechanism drivers.
> I have installed Jenkins and created account in github and launchpad.
> Kindly guide me on
> [1] How to configure Jenkins to submit the code for review?
> [2] What is the process involved in pushing the code base to the main 
> stream for icehouse release?
> Kindly please help me understand the same..

Please read this wiki page completely, it explains the workflow we use.


Please also read the general intro at

Btw. for submitting patches, you do not need a local Jenkins running,

Welcome to OpenStack, Kyle!

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