[openstack-dev] [TripleO] [Tuskar] Terminology Revival #1 - Roles

Jaromir Coufal jcoufal at redhat.com
Wed Jan 22 12:09:47 UTC 2014

On 2014/22/01 10:00, Jaromir Coufal wrote:
> On 2014/22/01 00:56, Tzu-Mainn Chen wrote:
>> Hiya - Resource is actually a Heat term that corresponds to what we're
>> deploying within
>> the Overcloud Stack - i.e., if we specify that we want an Overcloud
>> with 1 Controller
>> and 3 Compute, Heat will create a Stack that contains 1 Controller and
>> 3 Compute
>> Resources.
> Then a quick question - why do we design deployment by
> increasing/decreasing number of *instances* instead of resources?
> -- Jarda

And one more thing - Resource is very broad term as well as Role is. The 
only difference is that Heat accepted 'Resource' as specific term for 
them (you see? they used broad term for their concept). So I am asking 
myself, where is difference between generic term Resource and Role? Why 
cannot we accept Roles? It's short, well describing...

I am leaning towards Role. We can be more specific with adding some 
extra word, e.g.:
* Node Role
* Deployment Role
... and if we are in the context of undercloud, people can shorten it to 
just Roles. But 'Resource Category' seems to me that it doesn't solve 

-- Jarda

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