[openstack-dev] Next steps for Whole Host allocation / Pclouds

Sylvain Bauza sylvain.bauza at bull.net
Wed Jan 22 10:23:38 UTC 2014

Le 22/01/2014 02:50, Jay Pipes a écrit :
> Yup, agreed. It's difficult to guess what the capacity implications
> would be without having solid numbers on customer demands for this
> functionality, including hard data on how long such instances would
> typically live (see my previous point about re-using compute hosts for
> other purposes once the last dedicated instance is terminated on that
> host).
> Best,
> -jay

My personal opinion (but I can be wrong) is that such feature would only 
be accepted by operators only if there is some termination period 
defined when you create a dedicated instance.
Again, what happens when the lease (or the lock-in) ends should be 
defined by the operator, on his own convenience, and that's why Climate 
is behaviour-driven by configuration flags for lease termination.

Back to the initial subject, I think that's pretty good having such 
dedicated instances model in Nova (thanks to an API extension, which 
could be non-core), but the instance lifecycle (in case of termination 
period) should stay in Climate, IMHO.


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