[openstack-dev] [nova][ec2-api]cmd "euca-describle-address" will return error. someone can help me?

li zheming lizheminghw at gmail.com
Wed Jan 22 02:20:07 UTC 2014

hi all:
   I used euca2tool3.1.10 to test ec2 api.but when I do cmd
"euca-describle-address", it return error, like this:
   error(notImplementedError):unknown error occured

    my environment:
    two float IPs:> bingding a instance>no bingding

   if  I do cmd "euca-describle-addres", it return OK.
   if  I do cmd "euca-describle-addres", it return:
   error(notImplementedError):unknown error occured
    if  I do cmd "euca-describle-addres", it return:
   error(notImplementedError):unknown error occured

     so I think it is error with floatIP which is bingding in a instance.
     I find the code about this:
     def _format_address(self, context, floating_ip):
        ec2_id = None
        if floating_ip['fixed_ip_id']:
            fixed_id = floating_ip['fixed_ip_id']
            fixed = self.network_api.get_fixed_ip(context, fixed_id)
            if fixed['instance_uuid'] is not None:
                ec2_id = ec2utils.id_to_ec2_inst_id(fixed['instance_uuid'])
        address = {'public_ip': floating_ip['address'],
                   'instance_id': ec2_id}
        if context.is_admin:
            details = "%s (%s)" % (address['instance_id'],
            address['instance_id'] = details
        return address

     if floatIP which bingding instance, it will enter in the red code. it
enter function  ".get_fixed_ip(context, fixed_id)", but in "get_finxd_ip":
         def get_fixed_ip(self, context, id):
        """Get a fixed ip from the id."""
        raise NotImplementedError()

         it raise exception NotImplementedError.

  so I have two questions:
1. the method of the test is  OK?whether I do cmd error?
2. whether the neutron client unsupport get_fixed_ip by id?

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