[openstack-dev] [Tempest - Stress test] : cleanup() removing resources for all tenants with an admin_manager

LELOUP Julien Julien.LELOUP at 3ds.com
Mon Jan 20 16:32:18 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

I'm forwarding my own email previously posted on the QA list.

I would like to discuss about the cleanup() process used right after a stress test run in Tempest.

For what I see now by using it and by reading the code, the cleanup() seems a bit rough since it is using an "admin_manager" in order to get all kind of test resources actually available : servers, key pairs, volumes, .etc...
More precisely, when it comes to clean servers, it is searching for servers on all tenants. I find this behavior a little rough since it will blow all objects on the target OpenStack, even object unrelated to the stress tests that just ran.

Actually before reading the cleanup() I had a problem when one of my stress test erased all the servers and volumes on another tenant, which impaired other people working on our OpenStack.

I can imagine that for some scenarios, using an admin user to deeply clean an OpenStack is required, but I believe that most of the time the cleanup() process should focus only on the tenant used during the stress test and leave the other tenants alone.

Am I doing something wrong ? Is there a way to restrain the cleanup() process ?

If no parameters or configuration allows me to do so, should I improve the cleanup() code in order to allow it to remove only the test resources created for the test?
I do not wish to make this kind of code if the OpenStack community believe that the present behavior is totally intended and should not be modified.

Best Regards,

julien.leloup at 3ds.com

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