[openstack-dev] [savanna] savannaclient v2 api

Matthew Farrellee matt at redhat.com
Sun Jan 19 15:50:24 UTC 2014

On 01/16/2014 08:10 AM, Alexander Ignatov wrote:
> Matthew,
> I'm ok with proposed solution. Some comments/thoughts below:
> ---------
> FIX - @rest.post_file('/plugins/<plugin_name>/<version>/convert-config/<name>')
> - this is an RPC call, made only by a client to do input validation,
> move to POST /validations/plugins/:name/:version/check-config-import
> ---------
> AFAIR, this rest call was introduced not only for validation.
> The main idea was to create method which converts plugin specific config
> for cluster creation to savanna's cluster template [1]. So maybe we may change
> this rest call to: /plugins/convert-config/<name> and include all need fields
> to "data". Anyway we have to know Hortonworks guys opinion. Currently HDP
> plugin implements this method only.

The case of converting savanna cluster templates to plugin specific can 
be done internally, i.e. w/o exposing an API call. The Savanna API 
should talk savanna cluster templates only.

ACAICT, that leaves the validation justification for exposing it, so 
possibly a move to a /validations namespace.

> ------
> REMOVE - @rest.put('/node-group-templates/<node_group_template_id>') - Not Implemented
> REMOVE - @rest.put('/cluster-templates/<cluster_template_id>') - Not Implemented
> ------
> Disagree with that. Samsung people did great job in both savanna/savanna-dashboard
> to make this implemented [2], [3]. We should leave and support these calls in savanna.

Absolutely. Now that they're implemented they should not be removed.

> ------
> CONSIDER rename /jobs -> /job-templates (consistent w/ cluster-templates & clusters)
> CONSIDER renaming /job-executions to /jobs
> -------
> Good idea!
> ------
> FIX - @rest.get('/jobs/config-hints/<job_type>') - should move to
> GET /plugins/<plugin_name>/<plugin_version>, similar to get_node_processes
> and get_required_image_tags
> ------
> Not sure if it should be plugin specific right now. EDP uses it to show some
> configs to users in the dashboard. it's just a cosmetic thing. Also when user
> starts define some configs for some job he might not define cluster yet and
> thus plugin to run this job. I think we should leave it as is and leave only
> abstract configs like Mapper/Reducer class and allow users to apply any
> key/value configs if needed.

FYI, the code contains comments suggesting it should be plugin specific.


IMHO, the EDP should have no plugin specific dependencies.

If it currently does, we should look into why and see if we can't 
eliminate this entirely.

> -----
> -----
> Disagree. It was discussed before starting EDP implementation that there are
> a lot of OS installations which don't have Swift deployed, and ability to run
> jobs using savanna internal db is a good option in this case. But yes, Swift
> is more preferred. Waiting for Trevor's and maybe Nadya's comments here under
> this section.

While it's true that you can deploy OS w/o Swift, it's ok for us to 
start preferring deployments w/ Swift.



> ----
> REMOVE - @rest.get('/job-executions/<job_execution_id>/refresh-status') - refresh
> and return status - GET should not side-effect, status is part of details and
> updated periodically, currently unused
> ----
> This call goes to Oozie directly to ask it about job status. It allows not to wait
> too long when periodic task will update status JobExecution object in Savanna.
> The current GET asks status of JobExecution from savanna-db. I think we can
> leave this call, it might be useful for external clients.
> ----
> REMOVE - @rest.get('/job-executions/<job_execution_id>/cancel') - cancel
> job-execution - GET should not side-effect, currently unused,
> use DELETE /job/executions/<job_execution_id>
> ----
> Disagree. We have to leave this call. This methods stops job executing on the
> Hadoop cluster but doesn't remove all its related info from savanna-db.
> DELETE removes it completely.
> [1] http://docs.openstack.org/developer/savanna/devref/plugin.spi.html#convert-config-plugin-name-version-template-name-cluster-template-create
> [2] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/savanna/+spec/modifying-cluster-template
> [3] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/savanna/+spec/modifying-node-group-template
> Regards,
> Alexander Ignatov
> On 14 Jan 2014, at 21:24, Matthew Farrellee <matt at redhat.com> wrote:
>> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/savanna/+spec/v2-api
>> I've finished a review of the v1.0 and v1.1 APIs with an eye to making them more consistent and RESTful.
>> Please use this thread to comment on my suggestions for v1.0 & v1.1, or to make further suggestions.
>> Best,
>> matt
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