[openstack-dev] question of vcpu-memory-hotplug progress

Wangshen (Peter) peter.w at huawei.com
Sat Jan 18 08:03:43 UTC 2014

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> Can you provide more information on how this is implemented? Support in
> kvm seems spotty and there are likely guests that don't support it all. The
> memory hotplug idea doesn't even seem to exist.

Cpu hotplug feature has been implemented in since qemu(version 1.6.2) and libvirt(version 1.2). Based on them we did a preliminary implementation (using libvirt's setvpusflags interfaces), and successfully tested on the guest (both fedora 18 and windows 2008 datacenter edition).
Although some older operating system does not support cpu hotplug, we still think it is useful for someone who use the operating system which support.

> Note that you need to set a milestone before it will be put in the queue to
> be reviewed.
> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Blueprints#Blueprint_Review_Criteria
> In this particular case I think there needs to be a lot more information
> about the plan for implementation before I would think it is valuable to
> spend time on this feature.

The current bluprint contains cpu hotplug and memory hotplug features. But the two features are independent with each other. So whether it's better to split it into two blueprints, cpu hotplug and memory hotplug, for accelerating the progress of the blueprints and easy to follow the progress?
If you agree with our suggestion, we will submit a new blueprint of cpu hotplug, as Blueprint_Review_Criteria.


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