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Alan Kavanagh alan.kavanagh at ericsson.com
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Hi Rob

Then apart from the disk eraser and reinstalling the blade from scratch everytime it is returned from lease, and ensure network isolation, what are the other many concerns you are worried about for sharing the bare metal then? Would really like to know what the other "major issues are" that you see?


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On 16 January 2014 03:31, Alan Kavanagh <alan.kavanagh at ericsson.com> wrote:
> Hi fellow OpenStackers
> Does anyone have any recommendations on open source tools for disk 
> erasure/data destruction software. I have so far looked at DBAN and 
> disk scrubber and was wondering if ironic team have some better recommendations?

So for Ironic this is a moderately low priority thing right now - and certainly I think it should be optional (what the default is is a different discussion).

It's low priority because there are -so- many other concerns about sharing bare metal machines between tenants that don't have comprehensive mutual trust, that it's really not viable today (even on relatively recent platforms IMNSHO).


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