[openstack-dev] [Fuel-dev] [OSTF][Ceilometer] ceilometer meters and samples delete

David Easter deaster at mirantis.com
Fri Jan 17 17:40:39 UTC 2014

I¹d like to make sure I understand the question.  Is this the scenario?
* A user installs Mirantis OpenStack
* The user runs the Mirantis OpenStack Health Check (OSTF) against
* The Health Check creates a VM against which ceilometer can collect data
* Ceilometer collects the data from this VM for an amount of time and stores
the data in mySQL
* The Health Check then ends the test, removing the VM
* The data collected about this sample VM is retained in mySQL and is not
Is this basically correct?

If so, I¹d ask if Ceilometer removes data from VM¹s or nodes that have been
deleted from OpenStack during normal operation or if the data is retained in
the run-time scenarios as well?  If so, wouldn¹t this be a general
requirement to remove data about entities that no longer exist in the
environment vs. an issue specific to Health Check (OSTF)?

As an operator, I¹d expect that my data is retained even for items that have
been removed, but I agree that there should be a way for an operator to make
a decision to remove stale data ­ either based on time or as a manually
executed operation.  Removing data automatically right away could lead to a
loss of historical information that could be used for longer term analysis
and billing.

Or am I misinterpreting the situation and Ceilometer already allows for
deletion of data ­ and the question is just whether we should remove the
data collected during the test?  If that is the only question, then yes ­ we
should remove the data after the test is done.


-Dave Easter

From:  Dmitry Iakunchikov <diakunchikov at mirantis.com>
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Subject:  Re: [Fuel-dev] [openstack-dev] [OSTF][Ceilometer] ceilometer
meters and samples delete

For now in Fuel we keep samples forever

In case if we will use time_to_live, how long we should keep this data?

2014/1/17 Julien Danjou <julien at danjou.info>
> On Fri, Jan 17 2014, Nadya Privalova wrote:
>> > I would ask in another way.
>> > Ceilometer has a mechanism to add a sample through POST. So it looks not
>> > consistent not to allow user to delete a sample.
>> > IMHO, insertion and deletion through REST looks a little bit hacky: user
>> > always has an ability to fake data collected from OpenStack services. But
>> > maybe I don't see any valuable usecases.
>> > Anyway, it seems reasonable to have both add_sample and delete_sample in
>> > API or not to have neither.
> From the user PoV, that totally makes sense, agreed.
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