[openstack-dev] [TripleO][Tuskar] Domain Model Locations

Walls, Jeffrey Joel (Cloud OS R&D) jeff.walls at hp.com
Thu Jan 16 15:09:57 UTC 2014

> Perfect write up, Jay.
> I can second these needs based on talks I had previously.
> The goal is to primarily support enterprise deployments and they work
> with racks, so all of that information such as location, power supply,
> etc are important.
> Though this is pretty challenging area and we need to start somewhere.
> As a proof of concept, Tuskar tried to provide similar views, then we
> jumped into reality. OpenStack has no strong support in racks field for
> the moment. As long as we want to deliver working deployment solution
> ASAP and enhance it in time, we started with currently available features.
> We are not giving up racks entirely, they are just a bit pushed back,
> since there is no real support in OpenStack yet. But to deliver more
> optimistic news, regarding last OpenStack summit, Ironic intends to work
> with all the racks information (location, power supply, ...). So once
> Ironic contains all of that information, we can happily start providing
> such capability for deployment setups, hardware overviews, etc.
> Having said that, for Icehouse I pushed for Node Tags to get in. It is
> not the best experience, but using Node Tags, we can actually support
> various use-cases for user (by him tagging nodes manually at the moment).

+1 Jay and Jarda

So the admin will be able to tag the nodes with whatever they want, 
presumably the rack, etc.  That's a good compromise for now.


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