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Doug Hellmann doug.hellmann at dreamhost.com
Thu Jan 16 00:16:23 UTC 2014

On Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 5:39 PM, Dean Troyer <dtroyer at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 1:37 PM, Doug Hellmann <
> doug.hellmann at dreamhost.com> wrote:
>> Several people have mentioned to me that they are interested in, or
>> actively working on, code related to a "common" client library -- something
>> meant to be reused directly as a basis for creating a common library for
>> all of the openstack clients to use. There's a blueprint [1] in oslo, and I
>> believe the keystone devs and unified CLI teams are probably interested in
>> ensuring that the resulting API ends up meeting all of our various
>> requirements.
> I would love to see a bit more detail on the structure of the lib(s), the
> blueprint really doesn't discuss the design/organization/intended API of
> the libs.  For example, I would hope the distinction between the various
> layers of a client stack don't get lost, i.e. not mixing the low-level REST
> API bits with the higher-level CLI parsers and decorators.
> Does the long-term goals include a common caching layer?

Good questions. I believe the current effort referenced by the blueprint
is focusing on moving existing code into the incubator for reuse, to make
it easier to restructure later. Alexei, do I have that correct?

I was starting to feel like an (unnecessary) bottleneck, so my goal for
this email thread was to step out of the middle of the conversation, and
make sure everyone who is doing the work knows about each other so you can
all coordinate directly.

If we need more details for requirements and a design, let's start writing
them up. Maybe a wiki page or etherpad to get started, and turn that into
blueprints when ready? Who wants to take that on?


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