[openstack-dev] [nova] [neutron] PCI pass-through network support

Robert Li (baoli) baoli at cisco.com
Wed Jan 15 22:47:22 UTC 2014

Hi Folks,

In light of today's IRC meeting, and for the purpose of moving this forward, I'm fine to go with the following if that's what everyone wants to go with:


But with some concerns and reservations.

  ---  I don't expect everyone to agree on this. But I think the proposal is much more complicated in terms of implementation and administration.
  ---  I'd like to see a practical deployment scenario in which only PCI flavor can support, but PCI group can't, which I guess can justify the complexities.
  ---  do we agree that BDF address (or device id, whatever you call it), and node id shouldn't be used as attributes in defining a PCI flavor?
  ---  I'd like to see a detailed (not vague) design on the following:
        * PCI stats report since the scheduler is stats based
        * the scheduler in support of PCI flavors with arbitrary attributes.
  ---  I'd like to see how this can be mapped into SRIOV support:
        * the compute node needs to know the PCI flavor. A couple of reasons for this:
                  - the neutron plugin may need this to associate with a particular subsystem (or physical network)
                  - to support live migration, we need to use it to create network xml
        * We also need to be able to do auto discovery so that we can support live migration with SRIOV
        * use the PCI flavor in the —nic option and neutron commands
  --- Just want to point out that this PCI flavor doesn't seem to be the same PCI flavor that Join was talking about in one of his emails.

I'd like to also point out that if you consider a PCI group as an attribute (in terms of the proposal), then the PCI group design is a special (or degenerated) case of the proposed design. The significant difference here is that with PCI group, its semantics is clear and well defined, and everything else works on top of it. An attribute is arbitrary and open for interpretation. In terms of getting things done ASAP, the PCI group is actually the way to go.

I guess that we will take a phased approach to implement it so that we can get something done in Icehouse. However, I'd like to see that neutron requirements one way or the other can be satisfied in the first phase.

Maybe we can continue the IRC tomorrow and talk about the above. Again, let's move on if that's really where we want to go.


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