[openstack-dev] [Nova] nova-core sponsors of blueprints

Russell Bryant rbryant at redhat.com
Mon Jan 13 16:13:16 UTC 2014


One of our blueprint process changes for Nova for the Icehouse cycle was
adding a "core sponsor" requirement for blueprints to get priority about
Low.  The idea is to have 2 members of nova-core sponsor a blueprint,
meaning that they are committed to helping review the resulting code.
Once a blueprint has these sponsors, its priority can be raised about "Low".

We envisioned that this would result in a blueprint list for icehouse
that better reflected our review bandwidth and likelihood of blueprints
to get completed based on review attention.  However, this only works if
people actually sponsor blueprints.

So far, this has seen very little attention.  As a result, the vast
majority of our Icehouse blueprints are still marked as Low.  Of 148
Icehouse blueprints, only 5 are > Low priority.


We have two options for how to proceed with this.

1) Try to get more nova-core members to sponsor a few blueprints.

2) Abandon this idea and go back to prioritizing just based on the
opinion of the nova-drivers team, and not based on likelihood of being

The purpose of this message is to put out a last call for #1.  If you
are a member of nova-core, please take a look at the remaining
blueprints for icehouse-2 and icehouse-3 and consider sponsoring a
couple.  The act of sponsoring is just adding a line to the whiteboard
that says something like "nova-core sponsors: russellb, dansmith".



I'd really like to make this work if we can.


Russell Bryant

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