[openstack-dev] [keystoneclient] old keystone-client package on pypi

Sylvain Bauza sylvain.bauza at bull.net
Mon Jan 13 08:56:02 UTC 2014

Le 27/12/2013 10:24, Nikolay Starodubtsev a écrit :
> Hi all,
> Guys, I want to say that keystoneclient package on pypi is too old. 
> For example it hadn't Client func in keystoneclient/client.py. May be 
> someone can help me with this?

Speaking of python-keystoneclient, the latest release is 0.4.1, which is 
indeed pretty old (Havana release timeframe).
Any chance to get a fresher release soon ? The only solution as of now 
is pointing to the master eggfile, which is really bad...

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