[openstack-dev] [OpenStack][Nova][Cold Migration] What about enable cold migration with taraget host

Jay Lau jay.lau.513 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 08:16:31 UTC 2014


Now cold migration do not support migrate a VM instance with target host,
what about add this feature to enable cold migration with a target host?

I encounter this issue is because I was creating a HA service and the
service will monitor if there are some hosts failure, and the HA service
can enable customer write some plugins to predict host status.

If the host is going down, then the customized plugin will report the
status to HA service. Then HA service will do live migration for VMs in
ACTIVE state and do cold migration for VMs in STOPPED status. The problem
is that HA service can help select the target host for both cold migration
and live migration. live migration support migrate VM with target host so I
can transfer the target host returned by HA service to live migration; cold
migration does not support migrate with target host.

So what about adding this feature to nova?


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