[openstack-dev] [wsme] Undefined attributes in WSME

Jamie Lennox jamielennox at redhat.com
Thu Jan 9 05:02:38 UTC 2014

Is there any way to have WSME pass through arbitrary attributes to the created object? There is nothing that i can see in the documentation or code that would seem to support this. 

In keystone we have the situation where arbitrary data was able to be attached to our resources. For example there are a certain number of predefined attributes for a user including name, email but if you want to include an address you just add an 'address': 'value' to the resource creation and it will be saved and returned to you when you request the resource.

Ignoring whether this is a good idea or not (it's done), is the option there that i missed - or is there any plans/way to support something like this? 



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