[openstack-dev] Tempest Testcases for ML2 Mechanism drivers - Help

trinath.somanchi at freescale.com trinath.somanchi at freescale.com
Wed Jan 8 06:56:05 UTC 2014

Hi  -

With respect to writing test cases with Tempest for Neutron,

I have a Freescale Mechanism Driver which support a Cloud Resource Discovery (CRD) Service .

The complete data flow is show below.

[cid:image001.png at 01CF0BA3.7DB6CAE0]

The FSL Mechanism driver partly depends on ML2 Plug-in (_pre_commint and _post_commit definitions) and Partly depends on CRD Service (with CRD client calls in _post_commit definitions).

I want to write Tempest test cases for the FSL Mechanism driver.

Kindly please help me on how to write the Tempest test cases for these kind of mechanism drivers.

Also, help me on how to submit the BP document, Code base and Test cases for review.

Thanking you for the help.

Trinath Somanchi - B39208
trinath.somanchi at freescale.com | extn: 4048

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