[openstack-dev] [TripleO] Installing from packages in tripleo-image-elements

James Slagle james.slagle at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 20:01:07 UTC 2014


I'd like to discuss some possible ways we could install the OpenStack
components from packages in tripleo-image-elements.  As most folks are
probably aware, there is a "fork" of tripleo-image-elements called
tripleo-puppet-elements which does install using packages, but it does
so using Puppet to do the installation and for managing the
configuration of the installed components.  I'd like to kind of set
that aside for a moment and just discuss how we might support
installing from packages using tripleo-image-elements directly and not
using Puppet.

One idea would be to add support for a new type (or likely 2 new
types: rpm and dpkg) to the source-repositories element.
source-repositories already knows about the git, tar, and file types,
so it seems somewhat natural to have additional types for rpm and

A complication with that approach is that the existing elements assume
they're setting up everything from source.  So, if we take a look at
the nova element, and specifically install.d/74-nova, that script does
stuff like install a nova service, adds a nova user, creates needed
directories, etc.  All of that wouldn't need to be done if we were
installing from rpm or dpkg, b/c presumably the package would take
care of all that.

We could fix that by making the install.d scripts only run if you're
installing a component from source.  In that sense, it might make
sense to add a new hook, source-install.d and only run those scripts
if the type is a source type in the source-repositories configuration.
 We could then have a package-install.d to handle the installation
from the packages type.   The install.d hook could still exist to do
things that might be common to the 2 methods.

Thoughts on that approach or other ideas?

I'm currently working on a patchset I can submit to help prove it out.
 But, I'd like to start discussion on the approach now to see if there
are other ideas or major opposition to that approach.

-- James Slagle

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