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On Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 12:52 PM, Kodam, Vijayakumar (EXT-Tata Consultancy Ser - FI/Espoo) <vijayakumar.kodam.ext at nsn.com<mailto:vijayakumar.kodam.ext at nsn.com>> wrote:
In this case, simply changing the meter properties in a configuration file should be enough. There should be an inotify signal which shall notify ceilometer of the changes in the config file. Then ceilometer should automatically update the meters without restarting.

Why it cannot be something configured by the admin with inotifywait(1) command?

Or this can be an API call for enabling/disabling meters which could be more useful without having to change the config files.


I haven't tried inotifywait() in this implementation. I need to check if it will be useful for the current implementation.
Yes. API call could be more useful than changing the config files manually.

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