[openstack-dev] [infra] [devstack-gate] Nominating Sean Dague for devstack-gate-core

James E. Blair jeblair at openstack.org
Fri Jan 3 17:46:54 UTC 2014

Occasionally it becomes clear that a part of the project infrastructure
has its own community interested in it.  Such is the case with
devstack-gate, which is the nexus of infra and openstack.  Not only does
it interact with infrastructure systems (in a surprisingly complex way)
to prepare an integration test run, but it also is very much concerned
with how those tests are run -- which components are enabled under what
circumstances, and what configuration they use.

For some time, Sean Dague has shown that not only does he understand the
mechanics of how the integration test operates, but what the project
hopes to accomplish by running such tests.  Both the patches he has
submitted and his reviews indicate a comprehensive knowledge and desire
to help maintain and improve the system over time.

Therefore I propose that we create a devstack-gate-core group, and to it
we add the core infrastructure team and Sean.



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