[openstack-dev] [Ceilometer] Vertica Storage Driver Testing

Herndon, John Luke john.herndon at hp.com
Thu Jan 2 23:16:26 UTC 2014


I¹m working on adding a vertica (www.vertica.com) storage driver to
ceilometer. I would love to get this driver into upstream. However, I¹ve
run into a bit of a snag with the tests. It looks like all of the existing
storage drivers have ³in-memory² versions that are used for unit tests.
Vertica does not have an in-memory implementation, and is not trivial to
set-up. Given this constraint, I don¹t think it will be possible to run
unit tests ³out-of-the-box² against a real vertica database.

Vertica is mostly sql compliant, so I could use a sqlite or h2 backend to
test the query parts of the driver. Data loading can¹t be done with
sqlite, and will probably need to be tested with mocks. Is this an
acceptable approach for unit tests, or do the tests absolutely need to run
against the database under test?

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