[openstack-dev] [nova] - Revert change of default ephemeral fs to ext4

Day, Phil philip.day at hp.com
Thu Jan 2 19:38:58 UTC 2014

Change to revert the default to ext3:   https://review.openstack.org/#/c/64666/

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> Excerpts from Day, Phil's message of 2013-12-30 11:05:17 -0800:
> > Hi, so it seems we were saying the same thing - new vms get a shared
> "blank" (empty) file system,  not blank disc.  How big a problem it is that in
> many cases this will be the already created ext3 disk and not ext4 depends I
> guess on how important consistency is to you (to me its pretty important).
> Either way the change as it stands wont give all new vms an ext4 fs as
> intended,  so its flawed in that regard.
> >
> > Like you I was thinking that we may have to move away from "default"
> being in the file name to fix this.
> >
> Indeed, "default"'s meaning is mutable and thus it is flawed as a cache key.
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