[openstack-dev] [TripleO] Docker and TripleO

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Wed Jan 1 02:35:13 UTC 2014

So, we've spoken about using containers on baremetal - e.g. the lxc
provider - in the past, and with the [righteously deserved] noise
Docker is receiving, I think we need to have a short
expectation-setting discussion.

Previously we've said that deploying machines to deploy containers to
deploy OpenStack was overly meta - I stand by it being strictly
unnecessary, but since Docker seems to have gotten a really good sweet
spot together, I think we're going to want to revisit those

However, I think we should do so no sooner than 6 months, and probably
more like a year out.

I say 6-12 months because:
 - Docker currently describes itself as 'not for production use'
 - It's really an optimisation from our perspective
 - We need to ship a production ready version of TripleO ASAP, and I
think retooling would delay us more than it would benefit us.
 - There are going to be some nasty bootstrapping issues - we have to
deploy the bare metal substrate and update it in all cases anyway
   - And I think pushing ahead with (any) container without those
resolved is unwise
   - because our goal as always has to be to push the necessary
support into the rest of OpenStack, *not* as a TripleO unique

This all ties into other threads that have been raised about future
architectures we could use: I think we want to evolve to have better
flexability and performance, but lets get a v1 minimal but functional
- HA, scalable, usable - version in place before we advance.


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