[openstack-dev] Marconi PTL Candidacy

Kurt Griffiths kurt.griffiths at rackspace.com
Thu Apr 3 17:53:27 UTC 2014

Hi folks, I'd like to submit my name for serving during the Juno cycle as
the Queue Service PTL.

During my career I've had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of
roles in fields such as video game development, system utilities,
Internet marketing, and web services. This experience has given me a
holistic, pragmatic view on software development that I have tried to
leverage in my contributions to OpenStack. I believe that the best
software is smart (flexes to work at the user's level), useful (informed
by what users really need, not what we think they need), and pleasant
(optimized for happiness).

I've been heavily involved with Marconi from its inception, leading the
initial unconference session at the Grizzly summit, where we came together
as a community to fill what many saw as an obvious gap in the OpenStack
portfolio. I'd like to give a shout-out to Mark Atwood, Monty Taylor,
Jamie Painter, Allan Metts, Tim Simpson, and Flavio Percoco for their
early involvement in kick-starting the project. Thanks guys!

Marconi is key to enabling the development of web and mobile apps on top
of OpenStack, and we have also been hearing from several other programs
who are interested in using Marconi to surface events to end users (among
other things.)

The Marconi team has taken a pragmatic approach to the design of the API
and its architecture, inviting and valuing feedback from users and
operators all along the way. I think we can learn to do an even better job
at this during the Juno cycle.

A PTL has many responsibilities, but the ones I feel are most important
are these:

1. As a program facilitator, a PTL is responsible for keeping launchpad
groomed and up to date; watching out for logjams and misunderstandings,
working to resolve them quickly as they arise; and, finally, creating and
moderating multiple communication channels between contributors, and
between the team and the broader community.
2. As a culture champion, the PTL is responsible for leading by example
and growing a constructive team culture that values software quality and
application security. A culture where every voice is heard and valued. A
place where everyone feels safe expressing their ideas and concerns,
whatever they may be. A place where every individual feels appreciated and
3. As a user champion, the PTL is responsible for keeping the program
oriented toward a clear vision that is highly informed by user and
operator feedback.
4. As a senior technologist, the PTL is responsible for ensuring major
implementation decisions are rigorously vetted and revisited over time, as
necessary, to ensure the code is delivering on the program's vision (and
not creating scope creep).
5. As a liaison, the PTL is responsible for keeping their project aligned
with the broader OpenStack, Python and web development communities.

If elected, my priorities during Juno will include:

1. Operational Maturity: Marconi is already production-ready, but we still
have work to do to get to world-class reliability, monitoring, logging,
and efficiency.
2. Documentation: During Icehouse, Marconi made a good start on user and
operator manuals, and I would like to see those docs fleshed out, as well
as reworking the program wiki to make it much more informative and
3. Security: During Juno I want to start doing per-milestone threat
modeling, and build out a suite of security tests.
4. Integration: I have heard from several other OpenStack programs who
would like to use Marconi, and so I look forward to working with them to
understand their needs and to assist them however we can.
5. Notifications: Beginning the work on the missing pieces needed to build
a notifications service on top of the Marconi messaging platform, that can
be used to surface events to end-users via SMS, email, web hooks, etc.
6. Graduation: Completing all remaining graduation requirements so that
Marconi can become integrated in the "K" cycle, which will allow other
programs to be more confident about taking dependencies on the service for
features they are planning.
7. Growth: I'd like to welcome several more contributors to the Marconi
core team, continue on-boarding new contributors and interns, and see
several more large deployments of Marconi in production.

Kurt Griffiths | @kgriffs

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