[openstack-dev] [TripleO] PTL Candidacy

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Wed Apr 2 22:23:46 UTC 2014

I'm running for TripleO PTL again!

Over the last 6 months TripleO has come a long way in the last 6 months:
 - CI on all changes (not yet gating)
 - Persistent storage on nodes
 - a significantly increased community

I've been thrilled to see our progress - and the more time we spend
running running clouds the more feedback we generate to other
OpenStack programs.

My view on PTL is unchanged from 6 months ago - it is an enabling
position: working with the
team to identify blockers, constraints issues and weak points in the
(design/code/architecture) and then respectively remove/socialise and
target them.

I think I fell short of that aspiration in the last cycle, and commit
to doing better if I am elected.

For folk who are new to the community in the last 6 months, this was
my platform last time -

Last cycle I said "
Icehouse is the first opportunity we'll have to have a fully
functional story, and even now thats still a fairly aggressive goal :
my focus over the next 6 months will be getting us out of fire-drill
mode and into the steady-state that is needed for confident
deployments... in addition to fleshing out the features required for
Tuskar, overcloud upgrades and undercloud upgrades. That means, in big
ticket items...

I believe the delivery of scaled CI has been a crucial step - we no
longer break ourselves, and we find out quickly when changes elsewhere
in openstack break the tripleo tooling. Thats been invaluable so far -
and will be more so as we broaden CI and make it voting and then

To my mind over the next 6 months we need to focus on

* Continuing the CI path
* HA of everything out of the box
* Graceful upgrades
* pushing our deployment experience feedback to the project we deploy
* expanding our coverage to deploy everything
* Migrating to Tuskar for everything but the deployment of the seed

Obviously, if you have questions please ask!


Robert Collins <rbtcollins at hp.com>
Distinguished Technologist
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