[openstack-dev] [climate] PTL Candidacy

Dina Belova dbelova at mirantis.com
Tue Apr 1 20:11:07 UTC 2014

Howdy, folks!

I'd like to announce my wish to continue being Climate PTL during next Juno
release cycle.

I have been working on Climate initiative since really early stages of its
development and was leading the subteam responsible for the implementation
of core Climate functionality and virtual reservations possibility. I was
chosen as a technical leader for this project about 4 months ago and would
like to continue being the one.

During previous development cycle I was really focused on making Climate
work for both original use cases and improving not only its functionality
but also a technical level, integrating with oslo.messaging and improving
documentation coverage. We had our first release created, and currently I'm
coordinating efforts of all our contributors trying to help them making
Climate better without overlaps and unnecessary actions.

For Juno release cycle I'd love to continue my Climate activities including
code reviews, release management, IRC meeting holding and coordination. As
for Climate itself I'm planning to present it on Atlanta summit and decide
its overall future with OS community, focus on implementing new resources
reservations and new flow for leases creation, not forgetting about energy
efficiency feature and Tempest testing.

My changes history [1] and reviews history [2] might be found below.


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