[openstack-dev] DevStack PTL Candidacy

Dean Troyer dtroyer at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 18:19:47 UTC 2014

I am running for another term as DevStack PTL.  I have been the
acting/elected PTL since DevStack became a program and have been working on
DevStack since its first public demo in a lightning talk at the Essex
Design Summit.  In addition I have also contributed to Grenade and am the
primary instigator behind OpenStackClient.

During the Icehouse development cycle we have continued to make DevStack
more modular and plugin-friendly to allow projects to add support to
DevStack without requiring changes to the core files.  We have also spent a
lot of time tuning the execution and logging environment to aid in
debugging failures in the CI gate jobs. We also added Chmouel Boudjnah to
the core team.

The plans for the Juno cycle include further modularization of the project
support and re-focusing the exercises back to one of their original
purposes of demonstrating command-line use of OpenStack.  Also, we plan to
finally move the docs and devstack.org to foundation-controlled

A bit of my background: I have worn many hats during my career ranging from
UNIX system administrator, network engineer, application developer and
other things that include the words 'Java', 'Perl' and 'black lacquer' in
their description.  I was on the Nebula team at NASA when Nova was born and
currently work for Nebula Inc. remotely from my home outside Kansas City,

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Dean Troyer
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