[openstack-dev] [Cinder] PTL candidacy

Duncan Thomas duncan.thomas at gmail.com
Thu Sep 26 15:44:26 UTC 2013

I would like to run for election as Cinder PTL for the upcoming
Icehouse release.

I've been involved with Openstack for more than 2 years, I've been an
active and vocal member of the Cinder core team since cinder was
formed and have contributed to variously to debates, reviews, designs
and code. Before that I've been involved with high-performance compute
clusters and networking both as a developer and from an ops

I think Cinder is a strong and healthy project, and I'd like to
continue to build on the great work John Griffith has been doing as
PTL. We have at least 16 different back-ends supported, and have been
very successful in allowing many levels of contribution and

If elected, my main drives for the Icehouse release will be:

- Cross project coordination - several features have suffered somewhat
from the fact that coordination is needed between cinder and other
projects, particularly nova and horizon. I'd like to work with the PTL
and core team of those projects to see what we can do to better align
expectations and synchronisation between projects, so that features
like volume encryption, read-only volumes, ACLs etc. can be landed
more smoothly

- Deployment issues - several large companies now deploy code from
trunk between releases, and perform regular rolling releases. I'd like
to focus on what makes that difficult and what we can do in terms of
reviews, testing and design to make that a smoother progress. This
includes tying into OSLO and other projects that are working on this.
Task-flow is a good example of a project that made significant useful
progress by working with cinder as a first user before moving out to
otehr projects.

- Grow the cinder community, and encourage new contributes in form of
testing and validation as well as new features. Generally keep the
fantastic inclusive nature of the cinder project going, and encourage
the healthy debates that have allowed us to come up with great

- Blueprint management - Many blueprints are currently very thin
indeed, often no more than a sentence or two. I'd like to see more
push-back blueprints that do not provide a reasonable amount of detail
before the code comes along, in order to allow discussion and debate
earlier in the development cycle.

There are many other sub-projects within cinder, such as driver
validation, that I support and intend to do my best to see succeed.

Duncan Thomas

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