[openstack-dev] [Tuskar] [TripleO] The vision and looking ahead

Tomas Sedovic tsedovic at redhat.com
Thu Sep 19 08:08:28 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

Some of us Tuskar developers have had the chance to meet the TripleO 
developers face to face and discuss the visions and goals of our projects.

Tuskar's ultimate goal is to have to a full OpenStack management 
solution: letting the cloud operators try OpenStack, install it, keep it 
running throughout the entire lifecycle (including bringing in new 
hardware, burning it in, decommissioning), help to scale it, secure the 
setup, monitor for failures, project the need for growth and so on.

And to provide a good user interface and API to let the operators 
control and script this easily.

Now, the scope of the OpenStack Deployment program (TripleO) includes 
not just installation, but the entire lifecycle management (from racking 
it up to decommissioning). Among other things they're thinking of are 
issue tracker integration and inventory management, but these could 
potentially be split into a separate program.

That means we do have a lot of goals in common and we've just been going 
at them from different angles: TripleO building the fundamental 
infrastructure while Tuskar focusing more on the end user experience.

We've come to a conclusion that it would be a great opportunity for both 
teams to join forces and build this thing together.

The benefits for Tuskar would be huge:

* being a part of an incubated project
* more eyballs (see Linus' Law (the ESR one))
* better information flow between the current Tuskar and TripleO teams
* better chance at attracting early users and feedback
* chance to integrate earlier into an OpenStack release (we could make 
it into the *I* one)

TripleO would get a UI and more developers trying it out and helping 
with setup and integration.

This shouldn't even need to derail us much from the rough roadmap we 
planned to follow in the upcoming months:

1. get things stable and robust enough to demo in Hong Kong on real hardware
2. include metrics and monitoring
3. security

What do you think?


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