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On 10/07/2013 01:23 PM, Brad Topol wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I would like propose my candidacy for the OpenStack Technical Committee.
> A bit about me
> ============
> I have been an Active Technical Contributor to Keystone and DevStack 
> since the Grizzly release.  I have also co-authored articles on 
> OpenStack [1] and more information about me can be found in a recent 
> OpenStack Open Mic article [2].    In addition,  I lead and give 
> direction to a large team of OpenStack developers at my company that 
> contribute to a variety of OpenStack projects including Keystone, 
> Heat, Ceilometer, Swift, Cinder, and Internationalization (i18n). This 
> role gives me an opportunity to obtain a broad view of what is 
> happening in the OpenStack projects as opposed to being focused on a 
> specific core project.   I also spend a tremendous amount of time 
> traveling to customers and business partners to evangelize OpenStack, 
> listening to their OpenStack requirements and adoption impediments, 
> and assisting their development teams to become contributors to 
> OpenStack.  I am incredibly passionate about making sure OpenStack is 
> highly consumable for our users  and that the OpenStack ecosystem 
> grows and thrives.
> Platform
> =======
> As a technical team lead, developer, and evangelist for OpenStack,  I 
> am deeply committed to OpenStack being incredibly valuable and 
> consumable for all our users and also to making sure the OpenStack 
> ecosystem grows and thrives.  I hear from customers all the time on 
> how OpenStack can be improved such that it becomes easier to install, 
> more consumable and serviceable, more easily integrated into 
> enterprise customer environments,  and the need for being able to 
> certify interoperability and scalability of OpenStack environments.  I 
> would be honored to have an opportunity to serve as a member of the TC 
> and to help drive the the technical direction of the OpenStack project 
> based on all the outstanding feedback I receive from customers, 
> business partners, analysts, and also from all the knowledge I have 
> gained by both being a personal contributor to OpenStack as well as 
> leading a large development team of strong and core contributors that 
> work across several of OpenStack's core projects.
> [1] - http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cloud/library/cl-ldap-keystone/
> [2] - 
> https://www.openstack.org/blog/2013/08/open-mic-spotlight-brad-topol/
> Thanks,
> Brad
> Brad Topol, Ph.D.
> IBM Distinguished Engineer
> OpenStack
> (919) 543-0646
> Internet:  btopol at us.ibm.com
> Assistant: Cindy Willman (919) 268-5296
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