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Steve Baker sbaker at redhat.com
Tue Nov 26 22:29:06 UTC 2013

On 11/27/2013 11:02 AM, Christopher Armstrong wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 3:24 PM, Tim Schnell
> <tim.schnell at rackspace.com <mailto:tim.schnell at rackspace.com>> wrote:
>     Use Case #3
>     Grouping parameters would help the client make smarter decisions
>     about how
>     to display the parameters for input to the end-user. This is so
>     that all
>     parameters related to some database resource can be intelligently
>     grouped
>     together. In addition to grouping these parameters together, there
>     should
>     be a method to ensuring that the order within the group of
>     parameters can
>     be explicitly stated. This way, the client can return a group of
>     database
>     parameters and the template author can indicate that the database
>     instance
>     name should be first, then the username, then the password, instead of
>     that group being returned in a random order.
>             Parameters:
>                     db_name:
>                             group: db
>                             order: 0
>                     db_username:
>                             group: db
>                             order: 1
>                     db_password:
>                             group: db
>                             order: 2
>                     web_node_name:
>                             group: web_node
>                             order: 0
>                     keypair:
>                             group: web_node
>                             order: 1
> Have you considered just rendering them in the order that they appear
> in the template? I realize it's not the name (since you don't have any
> group names that you could use as a title for "boxes" around groups of
> parameters), but it might be a good enough compromise. If you think
> it's absolutely mandatory to be able to group them in named groups,
> then I would actually propose a prettier syntax:
> ParameterGroups:
>     db:
>         name: ...
>         username: ...
>         password: ...
>     web_node:
>         name: ...
>         keypair: ...
> The ordering would be based on the ordering that they appear within
> the template, and you wouldn't have to repeat yourself naming the
> group for each parameter.
> Thanks very much for writing up these use cases!
Good point, I'd like to revise my previous parameter-groups example:

- name: db
  description: Database configuration options
  parameters: [db_name, db_username, db_password]
- name: web_node
  description: Web server configuration
  parameters: [web_node_name, keypair]
  # as above, but without requiring any order or group attributes

Here, parameter-groups is a list which implies the order, and parameters are specified in the group as a list, so we get the order from that too. This means a new parameter-groups section which contains anything required to build a good parameters form, and no modifications required to the parameters section at all. 

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