[openstack-dev] Gate broken right now

James E. Blair jeblair at openstack.org
Tue Nov 26 18:19:09 UTC 2013

Chmouel Boudjnah <chmouel at enovance.com> writes:

> On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 9:52 AM, Flavio Percoco <flavio at redhat.com> wrote:
>> This seems to be the issue you're talking about, is it?
>> http://logs.openstack.org/49/57049/2/gate/gate-swift-
>> python26/c1aedf1/console.html
> Thanks for the heads up indeed, I was wondering if there was somebody on
> shift/awake from infra during european hours?

There is not, currently, though we would love to have more people on the
infra-core (and infra-root) teams.  If you know someone, or you
yourself, or your company are interested in contributing in this area,
please get in contact and we can help.  There is a significant time
commitment to working on infra due to the wide range of complex systems,
however, a number of companies are working with these systems internally
and should be able to spare some expertise in contributing to their
upstream development and operation without undue burden.

> This seems to be a pure infrastructure issue with the python26 gate as
> this is happen for all py26 tests.

Monty corrected the problem with the bad Jenkins slave around 14:22 UTC.

In the short term, we plan to start running unit tests on single-use
slaves, just as we do for devstack jobs, which should mean single-node
errors will auto-correct (also, it makes the system more auto-scalable
according to workload).

In the long term we're looking at using non-Jenkins test runners which
should avoid this sort of problem by being significantly less complex.


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