[openstack-dev] [Ironic][Ceilometer] get IPMI data for ceilometer

Gordon Chung chungg at ca.ibm.com
Tue Nov 26 15:16:04 UTC 2013

> 2. Not sure if our Ceilometer only accept the signed-message, if it is 
case, how Ironic get the message trust for Ceilometer, and send the valid 
message which can be accepted by Ceilometer Collector?

> I'm not sure it's appropriate for ironic to be sending messages using 
ceilometer's sample format. We receive data from the other projects using 
the more generic notification system, and that seems like the right tool 
to use here, too. Unless the other ceilometer devs disagree?

agreed, depending on your target milestone i'd suggest keeping an eye on 
this bp as well: 

gordon chung

openstack, ibm software standards
email: chungg [at] ca.ibm.com
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