[openstack-dev] [horizon] Javascript development improvement

Jordan OMara jomara at redhat.com
Fri Nov 22 18:22:12 UTC 2013

On 22/11/13 12:06 -0500, Julie Pichon wrote:
>I don't think Selenium is going away, and efforts have started around
>using it as well for our integration tests [0]. Looking at the current
>AngularJS patch up for review, it is testable without requiring

While the Angular modules are testable in QUnit, it would be a boon to use the
testing patterns common with most Angular projects.  It would make new
developers, familiar with Angular but not Horizon, immediately familiar with the

QUnit is acceptable, but karma/jasmine is preferable

> From the initial mailing list discussion [1], my understanding
>is that we're planning on using a specific AngularJS feature, not
>rewriting everything with it. Changing our build system to accommodate
>this seems like getting a bit ahead of ourselves.
>[1] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2013-November/018850.html

To be clear, we're using a specific feature of Angular (the directive) to
introduce it into the existing Django templates; that's not the only feature of
Angular we're using. There are controllers & services behind the directive, but
using a directive is the cleanest way of integrating these features with the
existing templates.

Jordan O'Mara <jomara at redhat.com>
Red Hat Engineering, Raleigh 
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