[openstack-dev] [nova] future fate of nova-network?

Jonathan Proulx jon at jonproulx.com
Fri Nov 22 16:17:13 UTC 2013

To add to the screams of others removing features from nova-network to
achieve parity with neutron is a non starter, and it rather scares me
to hear it suggested.

I do try not to rant in public, especially about things I'm not
competent to really help fix, but I can't really contain this one any

As an operator I've moved my cloud neutron already, but while it
provides many advanced features it still really falls down on
providing simple solutions for simple use cases.  Most operators I've
talked to informally hate it for that and don't want to go near it and
for new users, even those with advanced skill sets, neutron causes by
far the most cursing and rage quits I've seen (again just my
subjective observation) on IRC, Twitter, and the mailing lists.

Providing feature parity and easy cut over *should have been* priority
1 when quantum split out of nova as it was for cinder (which was a
delightful and completely unnoticable transition)

We need feature parity and complexity parity with nova-network for the
use cases it covers.  The failure to do so or even have a reasonable
plan to do so is currently the worst thing about openstack.

I do appreciate the work being done on advanced networking features in
neutron, I'm even using some of them, just someone please bring focus
back on the basics.


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