[openstack-dev] [horizon] Javascript development improvement

Julie Pichon jpichon at redhat.com
Fri Nov 22 11:46:43 UTC 2013

"Maxime Vidori" <maxime.vidori at enovance.com> wrote:
> Hi all, I know it is pretty annoying but I have to resurrect this subject.
> With the integration of Angularjs into Horizon we will encounter a lot of
> issues with javascript. I ask you to reconsider to bring back Nodejs as a
> development platform. I am not talking about production, we are all agree
> that Node is not ready for production, and we do not want it as a backend.
> But the facts are that we need a lot of its features, which will increase
> the tests and the development. Currently, we do not have any javascript code
> quality: jslint is a great tool and can be used easily into node. Angularjs
> also provides end-to-end testing based on nodejs again, testing is important
> especially if we start to put more logic into JS. Selenium is used just to
> run qUnit tests, we can bring back these tests into node and have a clean
> unified testing platform. Tests will be easier to perform.

It seems a bit crazy to me to introduce NodeJS as a dependency just for
the sake of an easy way to run jslint. There are other options
available that run without NodeJS as a dependency.

There are more implications to running NodeJS even only for
development. It will likely have an impact on our infrastructure as
well, since we'll want these checks running on patches up for
review. Then if it's there for development it increases the risk it
will creep in as a dependency for our runtime.

As for Selenium, are you talking about rewriting our existing Selenium
tests in Javascript? If so I am opposed to this. The strength of our
community is in Python, if we want to encourage people to write more
tests we should make it easy for them to do so.

I think you bring up great points, we do need to control our Javascript
quality better especially as we bring in more of it into our
codebase. But, style checks, CSS, and unit testing, shouldn't require

> Finally, (do not punch me in the face) lessc which is used for bootstrap is
> completely integrated into it. I am afraid that modern javascript
> development can not be perform without this tool.
> Regards
> Maxime Vidori

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