[openstack-dev] [TripleO] Support for Type-1 Hypervisors

Mate Lakat mate.lakat at citrix.com
Thu Nov 21 15:43:58 UTC 2013

Hi Stackers,

First of all: I am not a TripleO/baremetal expert.

I am looking at ways how to fit Type 1 hypervisors to TripleO. I am not
sure how other such hypervisors integrate with OS, but in my case -
XenServer - ,I have a VM that runs nova - let's call it domU - , and
that's talking to the hypervisor.

When it comes to deployment, I see two tasks:

- Being able to install the hypervisor from an image
    For this, the hypervisor has to be able to behave like a good cloud
- How to put a VM on top of that hypervisor
    We can't provision the VM with the hypervisor's nova driver, as the
    domU is not yet installed, so let's fake that the domU is a physical

The idea is that once the hypervisor is installed, we would treat it as
a "baremetal pool", so that we can install the domU - as if it were a
baremetal node.

The sequence would look like this:

1.) install seed VM
2.) seed VM is talking to Bare Metal, provisioning a machine
3.) seed VM installs an image that contains the hypervisor
4.) seed VM can use that hypervisor as if it were a baremetal "Rack" -
    We would have a hypervisor-baremetal interface that would provide an
    IPMI interface.
5.) seed VM can install a nova image on domU
6.) Life goes on...

This is a really rough workflow, and I am really interested in what you
guys think about it.


Mate Lakat

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