[openstack-dev] [Nova] Does Nova really need an SQL database?

Caitlin Bestler caitlin.bestler at nexenta.com
Tue Nov 19 17:46:58 UTC 2013

On 11/18/2013 11:35 AM, Mike Spreitzer wrote:
> There were some concerns expressed at the summit about scheduler
> scalability in Nova, and a little recollection of Boris' proposal to
> keep the needed state in memory.  I also heard one guy say that he
> thinks Nova does not really need a general SQL database, that a NOSQL
> database with a bit of denormalization and/or client-maintained
> secondary indices could suffice.  Has that sort of thing been considered
> before?  What is the community's level of interest in exploring that?
> Thanks,
> Mike

How the data is stored is not the central question. The real issue is 
how is the data normalized and distributed.

Data that is designed to be distributed deals with temporary 
inconsistencies and only worries about eventual consistency.
Once you have that you can store the data in Objects, or in
a distributed database.

If you define your data so that you need global synchronization then
you will always be fighting scaling issues.

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