[openstack-dev] [Swift] Metadata Search API

Paula Ta-Shma PAULA at il.ibm.com
Tue Nov 19 16:33:07 UTC 2013

> Hi Paula,
> Where can we see the source code for the prototype and any API specs
> that you may have?
> Best,
> -jay

Hi Jay,

Thanks for your interest. Our prototype intercepts Swift REST requests
using proxy server middleware and uses Solr as the indexing/search back
Our search API is similar to the one proposed by HP.  Rather than propose
yet another API (we already have the HP proposal and the SoftLayer API out
there), we would be glad to participate in the discussion on search API,
functionality, and which parts should be open source and which vendor
specific. We haven't put our code out in the open yet but may be able to
contribute to a reference implementation.

In general we would propose that the API be general and allow different
vendors to implement subsets, for example by publishing which <services>
are implemented as in the HP proposal. So the SoftLayer API would be one
example subset.

Some things to consider as optional additions to the API (could be included
as optional <services> as in the HP proposal):
- allowing to search for accounts/containers/objects having certain
attribute names, where the attribute names could possibly have wildcards
- allowing user defined types with their own sort orders to be
- allowing multiple search criteria where each one has a different scope
i.e. account, container etc., for example, search for objects in containers
created in 2013 whose color is red


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