[openstack-dev] [Neutron][LBaaS] SSL Termination write-up

Vijay Venkatachalam Vijay.Venkatachalam at citrix.com
Tue Nov 19 13:48:43 UTC 2013

Hi Sam, Eugene, & Avishay, etal,

                Today I spent some time to create a write-up for SSL Termination not exactly design doc. Please share your comments!


Would like comments/discussion especially on the following note:

SSL Termination requires certificate management. The ideal way is to handle this via an independent IAM service. This would take time to implement so the thought was to add the certificate details in VIP resource and send them directly to device. Basically don't store the certificate key in the DB there by avoiding security concerns of maintaining certificates in controller.

I would expect the certificates to become an independent resource in future thereby causing backward compatibility issues.

Any ideas how to achieve this?

My thought was to have independent certificate resource with VIP uuid as one of the properties. VIP is already created and will help to identify the driver/device. The VIP property can be depreciated in the long term.
Vijay V.
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