[openstack-dev] [Oslo] Layering olso.messaging usage of config

Julien Danjou julien at danjou.info
Mon Nov 18 16:22:31 UTC 2013

On Mon, Nov 18 2013, Eric Windisch wrote:

Hi Eric,

> I agree with Mark that a clear blueprint and plan should be outlined.
> I'm not happy with the blueprint as written, it is sparse, outlining
> your intention, rather than a plan of attack. I'd really like to know
> what the plan of attack here is, how this will affect the
> oslo.messaging API, what it will look like once complete.  It
> shouldn't break the public API and if for some reason you don't think
> it is possible to keep that contract, it should be discussed.

I think that some part of the API where a configuration object is
expected will have to be changed to have proper keywords argument
instead. It'll likely slightly break the current API though it should be
easy to add a compatibility layer.

> Personally, I'd be happy with a wiki page outlining these changes,
> linked to from the blueprint.

Sure, I'll try to describe that.

> Also, I've noticed that your blueprint is registered underneath
> Ceilometer.  Once you move or recreate the blueprint, please email the
> list with the updated URL.

Facepalm. Probably clicked in the wrong window. Recreated in the right


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