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Hi. Do we know if the poweroff/shutdown actions are doing the same thing before we vote on changing the terminology. Specifically, I know in other similar domains, p oweroff works like a power switch on a power supply, i.e. data corruption may occur as it's a non-graceful shutdown. Shutdown is usually a graceful shutdown which means it tries to close all the applications and perform all the writes before shutting down. There is different implications in the terminology. From an end-user perspective, depending how savvy the user is, he/she may or may not understand this, i.e. whether it's a (graceful) shutdown vs. poweroff action -- though I'm guessing users do get this point. That being said, it would be good to understand what the behavior is and then agree on a terminology that is makes sense to the user, and is consistent in all the right places. That or we might need to consider the behavior to to be consistent with the terminology used. 

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Hi all 

There is a confused word in horizon when stopping an instance. Please take a look at following snapshots: 

1. In the action list of an install, there is an action that is "Shut Off" 

2. If you press that, In the confirm window, we still call this action "Shut Off" 

3. When doing this action, it is called "Powering off" 

4. Shut off again after finished 

So should we use a unified name for it? For example we could use "Shuting down" instead. But I'm not sure for this, because horizon has a long history actually, maybe horizon developers choosing current verbs have a more rational reason. 

I would definitely vote for these being consistent and changing "Powering off" to "Shutting down". I'm not sure of any history here, perhaps others know for sure? 




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