[openstack-dev] python API for showing detail of target like server, flavor, etc

terryxing xingtianyi at gmail.com
Thu Nov 14 22:20:11 UTC 2013

Hi Dear All,

I have a  question about the python API for nova.

I use the code ( server = nova.servers.find(name=instancename)  ) to get
the list and detail information of the running instance, but when I print
the server, I only get  output like <Server: vm1> without detailed

I want to get the all detail information some like the json architecture,
describe here.

But, when I use the same API for quantum or neutron, like  "print

I can print out all  information for a network, which is same as it is
describe in the


What is the different ? how  can I get the detail information of instance ?

Thanks very much.
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