[openstack-dev] [Heat] rough draft of Heat autoscaling API

Randall Burt randall.burt at RACKSPACE.COM
Thu Nov 14 17:16:49 UTC 2013

Good stuff! Some questions/comments:

If web hooks are associated with policies and policies are independent entities, how does a web hook specify the scaling group to act on? Does calling the web hook activate the policy on every associated scaling group?

Regarding web hook execution and cool down, I think the response should be something like 307 if the hook is on cool down with an appropriate retry-after header.

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I've thrown together a rough sketch of the proposed API for autoscaling. It's written in API-Blueprint format (which is a simple subset of Markdown) and provides schemas for inputs and outputs using JSON-Schema. The source document is currently at https://github.com/radix/heat/raw/as-api-spike/autoscaling.apibp

Things we still need to figure out:

- how to scope projects/domains. put them in the URL? get them from the token?

This may be moot considering the latest from the keystone devs regarding token scoping to domains/projects. Basically, a token is scoped to a single domain/project from what I understood, so domain/project is implicit. I'm still of the mind that the tenant doesn't belong so early in the URI, since we can already surmise the actual tenant from the authentication context, but that's something for Openstack at large to agree on.

- how webhooks are done (though this shouldn't affect the API too much; they're basically just opaque)

Please read and comment :)

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