[openstack-dev] [rally] Rally tries to stop instance despite on its shutoff state

Anastasia Sklyankina asklyankina at mirantis.com
Thu Nov 14 14:29:32 UTC 2013

Hello, everybody!

I have some problem with rally "boot_and_bounce_server" test specifically
with "stop_start".

I ran stop_start test 3 times with 12 instances booted in 5 threads (used
base_task.json file is attached).
Rally launches all 12 instances but with 2 of them there is a problem
during stopping and starting process:

*/var/log/nova/conductor.log* (on the controller node) has the error
Instance 9a64bc68-bf14-4d8a-ac25-13d8c1f26513 in vm_state stopped. Cannot
stop while the instance is in this state.*":

*rally output*: http://paste.openstack.org/show/rsOa0TFMQzqKUYeNczgf/
returns *"TimeoutException: Timeout exceeded."*

*/var/log/nova/compute.log* (on the compute node) has the error* "Timeout:
Timeout while waiting on RPC response"*:

These errors occur in the last iterations within booting of 2 last
instances. 10 rest instances are stopped and started successfully.

It seems rally stops an instance after its launching, cannot stop it
correctly in some defined time, wait some time and tries to stop this
instance again. But the instance is still in shutoff status. That is why
the first error occurs.
Shutoff status of 2 last instances is illustrated in the attached
screenshot "shutoff_instances_horizon.png".

*As I noticed* if run the same test but with smaller data, for example,
boot 6 instances (in 3 threads) and stop/start them 3 times aforementioned
errors don't occur.

Could you please give some clarity in such strange situation - is this a
problem with test environment of with rally execution?
Great thanks in advance!

Best Regards,
Anastasiya Sklyankina,
Senior QA engineer,
Mirantis, Inc
+7(927)22-90-300 (cell)
Skype: anastasiya_sklyankina
E-mail: asklyankina at mirantis.com
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