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Brian Cline bcline at softlayer.com
Wed Nov 13 23:25:59 UTC 2013

At the Icehouse design summit, Lincoln Thomas from HP presented a REST API spec for searching metadata in Swift. This API would allow folks to search both system and user metadata for accounts, containers, and objects. Today, about the best one can do is iterate through everything and inspect metadata along the way - obviously an infinitely expensive (and hilariously insane) operation.

You can find all the details on the API here (use the PDF link for full spec info for now):

Currently HP is working on a POC implementation of the linked spec. SoftLayer has had an existing implementation with custom middlewares for a while, but is not as rich as the proposed API (a link to SoftLayer's existing search API info is available on the above wiki page). If there are any others who have implemented search in Swift, please speak up and help shape this. We both want to get community consensus on a standard search API, then get a pluggable reference implementation into Swift.

This is all work-in-progress stuff, but we'd welcome any feedback, concerns, literal jumps for joy, etc. in this thread, both on the API and on a reference architecture.

Brian Cline
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Lincoln Thomas (IRC lincolnt)
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Hewlett-Packard Company
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lincoln.thomas at hp.com<mailto:lincoln.thomas at hp.com>

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