[openstack-dev] [PTL] Proposed Icehouse release schedule

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Wed Nov 13 13:15:31 UTC 2013

Hi PTLs and everyone else,

Last week we had the traditional "release schedule" session at the
Design Summit where we discussed options for the Icehouse schedule.

Here is the proposal we selected:

Please let me know if something is obviously wrong with it. I'd like to
officialize it at the project/release status meeting next week, so that
we can quickly start moving towards icehouse-1 (which will happen fast).

One particularity in this schedule is that we have three full weeks
between release and design summit, which is a long time (we usually only
have 2). We discussed declaring one of those weeks an "off" week, where
everyone is encouraged to take a well-deserved vacation. Activity would
be reduced during this week, and nobody should expect anyone to read
their email. For those of us who find it difficult to let go and stop
constantly checking dev activity (that includes me), pre-designating a
specific "off" week will really help us to take a break.

Two options are possible for that "off" week:

* Week of April 21 - this one is just after release, and some people
still have a lot to do during that week. On the plus side it's
conveniently placed next to the Easter weekend.
* Week of April 28 - that's the middle week, which sounds a bit weird...
but for me that would be the less active week, so I have a slight
preference for it.

What would be your preference, if any ? I'm especially interested in
opinions from people who have a hard time taking some time off (PTLs,
infra and release management people).

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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